Bible: Who was Trayvon Martin? |

Bible: Who was Trayvon Martin?

Who was Trayvon?

Regarding John Young’s column “Just another day in the George Zimmerman Nation,” published Thursday, July 18, in the Summit Daily News:

While I’m sure I would agree with John Young on many issues, I do disagree with his presentation of the facts. I want to keep this short. I won’t tell John how or where to do his research, but Martin was not just “a 17-year-old bearing Skittles.” He was a known thug, pot dealer and DMX abuser (synthetic morphine found in cough syrup). The Skittles and soda were ingredients to make the hood drug “Purple Drank,” which also goes by other names. We have his text messages and an autopsy report to prove this. He had also been suspended from school for fighting. He also wore gold teeth, which combined with the black hoodie, paint a different picture. Text messages also indicate he was trying to buy a stolen gun. Additionally, Zimmerman’s neighborhood had recently seen repeated problems with burglaries and thefts, and he was entrusted as the head of the Neighborhood Watch program. Lastly, it wasn’t a police dispatcher who told him not to follow; it was a 911 dispatcher, and that is a standard line they say in every situation to avoid liability, and has no legal or authoritative bearing. I could go on about this, but the facts are out there, should you choose to see them. Hint: They aren’t in mainstream media.

Aaron Bible


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