Big dogs, little dogs unleash the same stink (letter) |

Big dogs, little dogs unleash the same stink (letter)

To echo “Dog dos and don’ts”, the recent letter from Rick Galgas, my thoughts exactly, and I simply just don’t get why the owners of small dogs rarely ever, mostly never pick up after their little yappers? Some do, and I thank you, but you are a vast minority, from the sights and smells on the rec path. And not all little dogs are yappers, but all of them are poopers, after all. At mentally cringeing (and cursing a bit) when seeing their little but no less offensive dumps left behind, If I have an extra bag I will pick up theirs too, along with that of my 62 pound dog. Every time I always wonder why these particular dog owners think their little dog’s poop is just fine to leave? Do they think it’s too small to matter? It does. Do they think it doesn’t stink as much? It does. Are they really brain-dead about the effects of leaving dog poop behind? I really don’t get it. It would be good to see Professor Joanne Stolen’s great column on this problem printed again for the benefit of those who don’t pick up their dog’s poop, but it’s doubtful they would read it.

Nancy Morey


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