Bird: Republicans policies play out in Kansas |

Bird: Republicans policies play out in Kansas

Republicans policies play out in Kansas

To butress the letter by Andrew Cohen’s July 17 letter regarding Kim McGahey’s “rose colored view” of the Republican Party, one need only look east to Kansas. Governor Brownback embracing the philosophies of the right wing party and the Koch brothers is ruining the Kansas economy. Thus far losing the state revenue, closing schools and hurting hospitals and more. His underfunding of education has led to the federal government stepping in to remedy the situation. At least 100 Republicans have vowed to support the Democratic candidate for Governor where the polls show Brownback trailing badly and threatening to turn Kansas Democratic. Brownbacks right wing philosophies of cutting taxes has backfired badly. Offering a no tax policy to any new business entering Kansas, the result was many larger companies have applied to be taxed as small companies giving the Governor a false sense of growth and revenue losses.

To further enlighten the voter on Republican philosophy one should read the books, writings and blogs of one David Cay Johnson, an award winning economist and professor at Syracuse University amongst other things. Mr Johnson states due to Republican obstruction and tax cutting madness the average American family has lost about $48,000.00 in revenues which if applied to our national debt would have paid it off and left these families with a gain of $18,000.00 each.

And for more fodder one can look to the south to Mississippi and see the confederacy rising in the Republican Party. Folks do we really want this obstructionism, sexism and draconian economy to further enrich the already well off while the middle and poorer classes struggle?

The U.S. Supreme Court is already in the right wing’s pockets, to give them the senate and presidency would collapse this country.

W. Gerald Bird Jr.


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