Bird: The dangerous fantasy right-wing rule (letter) |

Bird: The dangerous fantasy right-wing rule (letter)

Responding to the letter of utopian right-wing rule by Kim McGahey on March 13.

Needed a good laugh, and you came through. It’s OK to denigrate the democratic candidates; you have been doing it for seven years now.

But to hold up your candidates as leading this country into anything but a disaster and the most divided since the Civil War is pure insanity.

Starting with a circus of a dozen, we are now down to two. One described by colleagues as if murdered on the senate floor, who would complain? A man who believes compromise is evil and contrary to the constitution and an obvious Scalian interpretation. To wit: “All men are created equal.” Hmm, many of these constitutional writers were slave owners, so obviously people of color and women would have to wait 200 more years until those pesky progressive liberals made equality the LAW of the land for EVERYONE.

Then the great uniter, uniting hate groups everywhere and with scams galore, like his university and steak business that went belly up years ago. Purchasing meat from a local supplier to put on his little display. Then his bloody meetings, encouraging people to beat up anyone exercising their right to free speech. And so much more than can be described here.

Thankfully, Mr. McGahey, you have lost all your attempts to run for public office. You should stick to running around a soccer field blowing your whistle to exercise any power you desire. Your dream of a right-wing utopia a nightmare for this country born out of the worst selection of candidates I have seen in my seven decades on this planet. You got yours, so the public be damned — again we are not all born equal but made equal under the law.

W. Gerald Bird Jr.


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