Birger: A merry Christmas lost in post office limbo (letter) |

Birger: A merry Christmas lost in post office limbo (letter)

Why is it so difficult to get packages delivered in the High Country? That is what I keep asking myself. After living up here for more than 16 years I thought I finally figured out how to address things so I would receive them. And now UPS and FedEx are starting to drop packages off at the post office instead of delivering them to the address written on the order.

We all know how great our post office is in Breckenridge. My girlfriend ordered 2 things for our son for Christmas. They shipped in different boxes from the same place. One got delivered to our house, and the other got delivered to the post office. The jokers at the post office sent the package back. What doesn’t make sense is my girlfriend had our physical address as well as her PO Box right under that. I’m starting to believe that who ever works at the post office in Breckenridge actually gets off on sending packages back. Maybe they keep track off who has the most send backs. Anyway, I’d like to that who ever it was for helping ruin my son’s Christmas. We have plenty of other gifts for him to open but the one we really were excited about got sent back because someone was to lazy to read the next line of our shipping address.

I’m not sure why UPS or FedEx didn’t just deliver it to our house like they did the other package. All I know is that I’m tired of how our post office gets away with things like this. I’m sure everyone that works there are really nice people outside of the office. But there customer service speaks for itself.

Daryl Birger


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