Birkelbach: Amending Susan Stamper Brown’s suggestions for liberals |

Birkelbach: Amending Susan Stamper Brown’s suggestions for liberals

To Susan Stamper Brown: My comments on your recent article titled ‘Suggestions for Liberals in 2014’ printed in the Summit Daily News on Jan. 4

1) Touch a gun. Last year, there were more gun related murders in Colorado than in all of Canada and Japan. Why? Could it be that those progressive societies have a safety net of economic and health care, which our “desperate” poor do not?

2) Share a meaningful debate. Agree. But Conservative ideology leaves no room for compromise in Congress or anywhere else. Besides the race of the President is not debatable.

3) Seek truth. Just because Fox News repeats a lie often enough, doesn’t make it true.

4) Make money. Agree again. However, the middle class have been crushed and upper mobility is limited, when all the income growth for the past 20 years has gone to the top 1%.

5) Put your money where your mouth is. Liberals love regulated capitalism, but corporations are not people.

6) Do charitable work. Agree

7) Buy an SUV. As most people live in cities, they do not need an SUV and they can use public transportation. You live in an inefficient rural area and without government, you would not have roads, electricity, or clean water.

8) Be a student of history. In 1945, the GI bill helped returning war veterans to attend college. Education was the answer. Why not now? In the 1960s, President Johnson gave us “equal rights’ (after which the former slave states went solid Republican) and the War on Poverty, which reduced the poverty level from 23% to 10% (Now at 15% and climbing) Medicare works. Sometimes government is the solution.

9) Read the Constitution. The Declaration of Independence pledged equality. However, the Constitution as originally written did not treat blacks as a full person or allow women to vote. The Constitution is a work in progress. We welcome you to join the progressive process.

Carl M. Birkelbach


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