Birkelbach: Republicans live in a fact-free zone (letter) |

Birkelbach: Republicans live in a fact-free zone (letter)

I must take issue with statements from Kim McGahey, Summit County Republican Chairman, in a letter posted in the Summit Daily News on Friday, March 11, in which he questions liberal progressive values, asks us to “vote for truth” and gives the Bible and the Constitution as sources rejecting that the “government is obligated to” help the poor “at taxpayer expense.” Republicans, during this election year seem to live in a fact free world. In fact, the Constitution states to promote “the general welfare” and the message of the New Testament can be summarized as one of “love and compassion.” In our capitalistic and market place society, there are winners and losers. However, the top 1 percent wants it all and leaves nothing for the bottom 50 percent. The facts are, as stated by the recognized world standard measurement of social progress, the 2015 Social Progress Index, the United States, as ranked against other nations, ranks 35th in meeting basic human needs, 39th in basic education, has the highest first day infant mortality rate and the highest child poverty rate (21 percent) among industrialized nations. That’s one in every five children living in poverty! We can do better than that. The 1960s Great Society drove down the general U.S. poverty rate from 23 percent to 13 percent, but it is now back up to 16 percent. How do we combat all of the growth and income going to the top 1 percent and eighty people owning 50 percent of the world’s wealth? In my opinion, voters are looking for progressive answers, which calls for a change in our culture that promotes income growth equality, quality education, affordable healthcare and is religiously neutral.

Carl M. Birkelbach


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