Black: Breckenridge day care spending too narrow in focus |

Black: Breckenridge day care spending too narrow in focus

What a remarkable flood of letters on the Breckenridge day care debate. Let me add one more to the stack. Some of the writers are spot on with their observations; the arguments of others seem to lack basic logic. For example: Some proponents of public handouts for day care want so much to compare it to the recreation center or golf course, etc. Let’s clear that up. Town-level entitlement programs like day care aim to please a very small group of nagging parents by giving them cash. If you don’t have preschool age children there will be no cash for you. This type of spending is completely different in my mind from legitimate town facilities and “amenities” that are broadly available to everyone. I don’t use the rec center but I am glad to support it financially with my taxes. On the other hand, I do not want my tax dollars going to pay a middle income family’s day care bill just so they can spend more on other things rather than raising their kids independently. So as we move forward I would hope that the pro handout group does not mix apples and oranges in hopes of diverting more town cash to their checking accounts. To simplify: Spending on narrow entitlement programs is not the same as investment in public facilities. Next point: We all know Breckenridge is awash in excess tax revenue. This should not lead to the conclusion that the town ‘has to spend it somehow’ as some have suggested. This has and will lead, as others have pointed out, to wasteful and ill advised spending programs. The solution here is to cap and/or reduce tax rates to restore fiscal discipline in Breckenridge. Otherwise, the line clamoring for their cut will get long and noisy.

Doug Black


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