Bowling: Amendment 66 flunks the math test |

Bowling: Amendment 66 flunks the math test

Maybe better schools will improve the math being used by Amendment 66 proponents. According to the 2012 estimate, Colorado’s population is 5.188 million with 2.1 million households. If the “average Coloradan” will pay $133/yr. as stated, then Amendment 66 will only bring in $690m not $950m. The real figure is $183/yr. (simple math: $950m/$5.188m = $183 (per capita). However, elsewhere the article indicates the $133 is predicated on a median household income not per capita. With only 2.1 million households in Colorado, Amendment 66 will only bring in $276 million (a $624 million gap) using the $133/yr. average per household. Therefore, the real average per household is just over $452/yr! ($452 X 2.1m=$949.2m).

The figure of $133 uses skewed mathematics to hide the real effect on those with incomes above the median who will pay 83% of the tax hike through an unequal/unfair distribution of the tax. For illustration, using the oft-cited figure of $133 below the median income and half the total households in Colorado (1.05 million) only $140 million, or less than 15% of the $950 million, will be raised from this half ($133 x 1.05m = $140m). The other half (households over the $58,000 median income) will suffer an average increase in taxes of $772/yr. For the two income family, small business owner, better paid hard workers, the share of Amendment 66 is 6 times greater than $133/yr. Households making more than $75,000/yr. are subjected to a punitive and “progressive” 27% state tax increase to close the gap!

But it’s for the children! According to the article, taxes will “fund the programs outlined in Senate Bill 213”: $381.3 million for student testing, “the largest share of new tax revenue…” — $400 million for “incentives for high-performing teachers and principals.” That’s more than 80% of the $950 to non-student programs!

Amendment 66 truth test? Failed!

Greg Bowlin


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