Bruns: Standing up for Udall for standing with the President |

Bruns: Standing up for Udall for standing with the President

Colorado might shoot itself in the foot by not doing its research and taking a vote-out-the-incumbents approach or by just passing in this important midterm election. It’s vital to understand where the roadblocks in our current government reside. The blockage has never been with Senator Mark Udall. Representative Corey Gardner is the incumbent in a totally dysfunctional House of Representatives.

Far from being a “single-issue Senator” Mark Udall has been our champion in the Senate, while Corey Gardner’s single issue along with his fellow Republicans, has been to make President Obama fail. If our President fails, our country fails. Mr. Gardner points the finger at Senator Udall for standing with the president. Yes, standing with the President on very important issues like the Affordable Care Act, which already has saved tens of thousands of government dollars and had afforded tens of thousands of Americans insurance that they never have had before; standing with the President on immigration reform; standing with the President on equal pay for equal work for women; standing with the President in favor of a livable minimum wage; standing with the President on a woman’s right to choose; standing with the President to preserve Social Security and Medicare…to name but a few.

In his bid for Senate, Representative Gardner runs a seductive and misleading ad campaign. His appearance in a field of windmills does not negate the fact that he denies climate change and has put the department of energy and thousands of clean energy jobs it supports in Colorado on the chopping block by voting to cut its funding by 40%. Meanwhile, Mark Udall led the fight to pass Colorado’s renewable energy standard and a plan to generate 25% of our nation’s energy from renewable sources and led the fight to pass the wind production tax credit. Representative Gardner’s staged talk with women about “over the counter” availability of birth control does not negate the fact that he sponsored and continues to sponsor a dangerous “personhood“ bill that gives fertilized eggs more rights than women and punishes women and their doctors more severely than rapists. Showing himself with a happy family which includes females does not negate the fact that he voted to block consideration of the Paycheck Fairness Act. Beware the smoke and mirrors!

Sandi Bruns


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