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Buck: Digneau lacks understanding of true conservative values

RE: Bill Digneau’s letter to the editor, “Conservative Complaints.”

Digneau appears to a have a significant misunderstanding of conservative positions, the law and history. First, his attempt to equate driver testing with the ability to purchase a firearm is disingenuous. There is no 2nd Amendment protection for driving — there is for owning and bearing arms. Furthermore, some 35,000 people lose their lives each year in vehicular accidents despite licensing and testing. There are less than 1,000 accidental shooting deaths per year and no evidence that any testing would reduce that number.

As to who led us into the “Great Recession,” the record is pretty clear. Government meddling in the home loan market via such vehicles as the Community Reinvestment Act, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Justice Department prosecution of banks for unequal lending outcomes led to a bubble in housing prices that was sure to bust at some point. Had the government stayed out of the mortgage market, the Great Recession never would have happened.

On health care, Digneau seems to find it more acceptable that insurance premiums are inflated by unnecessary mandates rather than humanitarian health care while millions are losing their coverage and their doctors despite promises (known to be false by those that made them) that it would not happen.

Digneau claims to be tired of the “old solutions” such as to cut taxes — a misnomer since conservatives don’t call for cutting taxes, they call for cutting tax rates which leads to substantially higher tax collections as was evidenced by the tax cuts under Kennedy, Reagan and Bush. He seems to have equal disdain for lowering the deficit or returning to our Founding Fathers vision of a limited central government.

It is clear that the policies of the left have not worked. The move away from personal responsibility toward a government-controlled nanny state has led to record numbers of people out of work, on food stamps and on welfare and the slowest economic recovery in history while the country’s debt has soared and our standing in the international community has plummeted. Perhaps we should try some of these “old solutions” that have worked in the past and are consistent with our Founding Father’s ideals and our Constitution.

Eric C. Buck


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