Callison: Morgan Liddick’s very long list of dislikes |

Callison: Morgan Liddick’s very long list of dislikes

Despite his cheerful photo, Morgan Liddick apparently spends much time angrily searching for villains to blame for all that’s wrong with the world: President Obama, AG Holder, Secretary Kerry, Senators Udall, Bennet and Elizabeth Warren; Representative Polis, Democrats, “ultraliberals,” “Leftist ideologues,” “academic theorists,” “intellectual mountebanks,” “government programs to fight poverty,” “programs for educational opportunities,” “government oversight of private business,” “failed experiments with Socialist unionism” (which he used to describe his friends!), “the theory that slavery in America was uniquely vicious, pervasive and evil” (a theory?), “social justice,” “wind- and solar-powered Ecotopia,” and teachers’ unions.

Ironically, Liddick claims “Progressives crave enemies.” Considering his enemies list, he must be a closet progressive! Come out of the closet, Mr. Liddick; progressives tolerate different viewpoints more than conservatives.

In describing these perceived villains, Liddick uses terms like “desperate,” “loonier,” “self-loathing,” “hopelessly ignorant,” “bedbugs,” “vampires,” “clown-shoes stupid,” “unhinged,” “unthinking,” “oppressive,” “ridiculous,” “dithering,” you get the point.

Liddick makes inaccurate statements that would be laughable, if not so insulting. Once, he implied only conservatives “value tradition,” “embrace freedom,” “follow rules and procedures,” “appreciate market economies,” “honor service to country,” and “dislike spending beyond their means.” To refute just one of those, it was conservative President Bush who inherited a surplus (from a Democratic predecessor), and left a huge deficit, two unfunded wars, and a ruined economy.

In our democracy, political criticism is fair game. The problem with Liddick’s diatribes: like Congressional Republicans, he’s quick to criticize – but offers no new solutions. Case in point: the Republican-controlled House voted 50+ times to repeal ObamaCare, but hasn’t offered a credible plan to replace it.

Come on, Summit Daily. If you’re going to run a weekly local conservative column, how ‘bout one with more substance than bitter blaming? How ‘bout a weekly progressive column to provide balance?

Jim Callison


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