Capozzella: Finally, a pope I can agree with |

Capozzella: Finally, a pope I can agree with

Finally as a Catholic, I can totally agree with my Pope. This last week he shifted the emphasis of the Catholic Church from the constant condemnation of women who have abortions, gay marriage, gay people and contraceptives to embracing those in need of help and assistance. WOW! I can’t count the number of times I have heard the condemnation of those who are guilty of abortion, homosexuality and the use of contraceptives, although in the last decade or two I don’t recall but a couple of homilies based on helping those in need of assistance.

Many of the parishioners support the theory that they will help the poor when they help themselves. Well, if the poor are fortunate enough to help themselves, then the hypocrites don’t need to help them and spend their money. They can forget about Meals on Wheels and food stamps because they are viewed as assistance to lazy people. True, many Americans will open their pocket books for people who are victims of natural disasters but they will do little to help the poor, especially if they are ethnically and racially challenged.

Evangelicals constantly attack those who have or serve those who have abortions. I don’t support abortions, although I understand their desire. Pope Francis did not condone abortion, but he did say the Catholic Church needs to emphasize their compassion and support for the needy as did Jesus. Count the number of times in any church when a special collection was taken for a new building or the church’s utility bill and collections directly for those in need. Perhaps that will be in the past.

Vincent Capozzella

Breckenridge, CO

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