Capozzella: Obama isn’t always to blame |

Capozzella: Obama isn’t always to blame

Obama isn’t always to blame

Re: Hudson letter “You get what you vote for”

Frankly this article is a total distortion of truth and facts. President Obama is blamed for almost every evil in the world. Perhaps others will tap dance around the slander and hatred directed against the President and Michelle Obama, but in my mind it is pure racial prejudice. In the 1920’s thru 1960’s, these people would be wearing white robes hiding their identity. Today they drape themselves in patriotic themes and names pretending their opposition is based on everything other than race. When without facts you accuse the President of being a socialist, a communist, a Muslim, hating America, a terrorist, unwilling to defend our country, Satan, and unfit to be a leader, it’s possible your motive is far simpler.

Sometimes I am sorry to have voted and supported the President. No it’s not because of his policies. Rather, his presidency will go down in history as one of the darkest periods of our country. Just a few years ago the U.S. was patting itself on the back as having put racial prejudice behind us. Now it is obvious hatred of almost everything that is not white and often male is quite prevalent. We hate minorities of race and religion and reject science, evolution, and global warming. I secretly hope the wish of those who want to leave the United States could be granted by giving them the states of Texas to Arizona (sorry New Mexico) and letting them form their own country. I can see the advertisement for the new country: Wanted citizens that are white and Christian who are willing to have lower taxes for the rich as compared to the poor, who are willing to legislate medical laws prohibiting choices for women, who are willing to outlaw any teaching of evolution in schools, who are willing to declare war on most countries and send the poor to fight and who are willing to ignore the rise of temperature. The only bright outlook I have for the haters is “Hillary Clinton” who is hated almost as much as “Obama”. Hey, I saw on-line that she was born outside the U.S.

Vincent Capozzella,


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