Chisholm: Memorial Day is the hear and soul of America |

Chisholm: Memorial Day is the hear and soul of America

As we were driving in a beautiful part of America yesterday, we listened to a great call-in radio program. Everyone who wished to honor a friend or relative who had served in our American military could give a short story of deeds and valor of the person to be mentioned on air. Many of the brief biographies were of the heroic men and women who gave their lives for what they firmly believed was a need to protect their loved ones in an America where they could have the God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The stories were from the heart and soul of the person calling in with voices choked with the emotion of the moment. They were telling the world of lives lived and given for others and their country. When we arrived at our destination, morning Mass at a Catholic church, we found the grounds covered with little white paper crosses — memorials by the school children of the thousands of abortions taking place every day in America. Paper crosses representing the lives of millions of children never given the chance to live, to grow, to love, to protect others and to even give up their life for their country and loved ones. Memorials to the culture of death that America has allowed to exist since 1973.

Memorial Day is America’s unique way of honoring national heroes or remembering the loved ones in our private lives. America’s prayer can be for the strength, the courage and the wisdom to follow our heroes in keeping America the land that protects human life in all ages and in all conditions from those who would destroy us.

Donald Chisholm


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