Cohen: Response to a Republican’s revisionist history |

Cohen: Response to a Republican’s revisionist history

I am writing in response to the opinion of Kim McGahey in the July 12 paper.

His article was full of “truthiness” as described by a brilliant conservative commentator. So many points are absurdly incorrect as to make one wonder where he is making up his facts from. He states the Republican party is an open/big tent party, citing a few women and minority candidates as proofs of this. Currently Republicans are 89% white compared to 60% of Democrats. Only 5% of all blacks consider themselves Republicans as opposed to 64% for Democrats. Hispanics are 13% Republican vs 32% Democratic.

He states Republicans don’t care what you do in your bedroom and reproductive decisions are between you , your doctor and God, yet the 2012 Republican platform included a human life amendment to the constitution which basically makes abortion illegal. Virginia conservatives passed the mandatory vaginal ultrasound prior to abortion to make abortion difficult and multiple states passed legislation that closed most abortion clinics in their states.

It was the Republicans who forced the Terry Schiavo legislation in 2005 that put government directly in between the family and their doctors. It seems the Republicans don’t want government interference, unless it coincides with their own philosophy.

Lastly, the statement about having guns to keep government at bay sounds treasonous. If you disagree with your government, your vote is how to change it, not an imagined armed conflict with the United States

Andrew Cohen


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