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Daly: Kudos to Blue River for enforcing town codes (letter)

Kudos to Blue River for enforcing town codes

I’m a complainer. Not one of the complainers described by Mayor Backus as one of the new influx of residents coming to Blue River. We’ve lived in our same Blue River neighborhood for 20 years. We’ve seen it first as a place to raise children while working in and building a community; then, empty-nesters; then second homes and income property. In that last category we’ve seen absentee owners do “midnight remodeling” without permits increasing the number of bedrooms and adding lock offs. And, they do this without doing anything to increase the water and sewer capacity approved when their houses were originally permitted and built. Advertised six bedroom houses and lock offs, many on septic systems approved for three bedroom use. Spas and landscaping with no external water permits. Occupancy advertised for dozens in a house permitted for six. “Animal House” right next door. And, I do complain about trashed yards, vehicles everywhere, noise and behavior taken right from the “Animal House” script. After working directly with the owners and property managers and getting back derision, I’m only left to complain for enforcement of the codes that others in our neighborhood and I abide by. I hate that that’s my only choice. Yet, I’m grateful for the town’s support.

As Mayor Backus points out, lock offs have never been permitted in Blue River. Not for over fifty years. And our rural infrastructure is not just limited to our gravel and narrow roads as she was quoted in SDN as saying, but also (aging) septic systems, sized for a residence as it was once approved, without lock offs. Water wells and public utilities were installed for low-density residential (R-1). Let’s do debate the community need for a high-density zone in Blue River as an alternative to R-1 — one that pays for its high-density infrastructure needs and built to high-density building, wastewater, firefighting/egress, parking, policing, road/traffic and water use codes. But let’s not debate mortgages that are financially viable only when they presume taking advantage of a small town’s limited resources for enforcement. And, let’s not debate the needs of a business community downriver that demands Blue River ignore reasonable ordinances in order to be successful.

Urbanization is moving south through the Upper Blue River Basin, with all the good and bad that comes with it. We all see it every day. But the days need to be long gone when too many say with a grin “Hey it’s Blue River! Do whatever you want! Nobody’s watchin’!”

Chris Daly

Blue River

Liddick turns Obama and Clinton into straw men in gun debate

I would like to address Morgan Liddick’s disturbing assertion that President Obama and Secretary Clinton blamed the San Bernardino attack on guns in his Dec. 8 column.

I do not recall Mrs. Clinton blaming the attack on guns, nor could I find any evidence of this assertion in the text of the President’s Sunday evening speech.

In fact, to the extent blame for the attack was addressed in the president’s comments, he called out the Syran civil war and the keyboards of ISIS recruiters “poisoning the minds” of would-be terrorists through easy access to the global Internet.

It appears to me that Mr. Liddick tries to hijack the San Bernardino tragedy to defend unfettered gun rights by using the overworked NRA meme claiming it’s not guns that kill people, people kill people.

Yes, it’s a fact deadly assault weapons, designed exclusively for killing people, were used in the attack, but easy access to these types of weapons is more difficult to understand than hardcore gun rights supporters who obfuscate sensible controls and acknowledge the role government (we the people) can play in making society safer. The country must address gun violence through enhanced regulation while protecting the spirit underlying second amendment rights.

Not to be misunderstood, there is no amount of regulation that will completely stop terrorist attacks, but more can be done to impede terrorist success rates than refusing to address the realities of the world in 2015.

As a gun-rights supporter, it’s time for all of us to recognize that sensible gun regulations should be seriously considered with the goal of limiting gun violence by terrorists, criminals and the mentally ill.

Mark Stoveken


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