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Digneau: Will Morgan Liddick ever let-up with compulsive conservative complaints

Save me! For the life of me I can’t understand why your newspaper gives Morgan Liddick a platform to regurgitate the same old extremist-right diatribes. If I wanted that stuff I’d just tune in to Hannity or Limbaugh. At least Ted Cruz gave us a break by reading “Green Eggs and Ham.”

I’ve been a 40-plus-year conservative but now I look like a liberal to these new conservatives. I think they should label themselves criticizertives instead. I’m so sick of hearing about what’s wrong without offering a single rational idea of how to fix it. All you get is the same old tired “solutions”: Cut taxes, lower the deficit, shrink big government, kick out the illegals, and increase military spending. OK, those are the goals, but exactly how do we do that?

I haven’t met one sane person who feels their rights are infringed because of a test to drive a motor vehicle. But guns, oh no. Any malcontent can get one regardless of their mental condition or ability. Government regulations are all bad? Give me a break.

And the great recession that almost wiped out my retirement funds? Who led us into that? And the wars that created the huge government deficits? Or a medical system where those with insurance suffered inflated premiums to pay for those who didn’t carry insurance? Today’s brand of conservative seems to suffer from convenient memory loss.

Please get someone to write a conservative column that has an original idea in their head and let Liddick take up fishing, where he can complain about the lack of fish because of the EPA, Democrats, Fish and Wildlife, or whoever he thinks caused it. I’d like to hear from someone who offers realistic solutions to how we can increase the bounty of fish!

Bill Digneau


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