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Eason: Vote yes on proposition to labelfoods containing GMOs

It just asks for what over 90 percent of people polled say they support — the clear labeling of genetically engineered crops and derived ingredients that have made their way into our food supply.

Most processed food that you can buy at the grocery store contains some form of GMO (genetically modified organism) ingredient, such as corn starch, high-fructose corn syrup, canola oil or sugar from sugar beets, among others.

Many farmers are using patented seed stock, from Monsanto and others, that has been genetically engineered to contain its own pesticide, while others contain within them modified genes that will resist the heavier spraying of brand-name pesticides. This causes more than a little concern for many of us! We put these foods into our bodies unwittingly and feed them to our children. The long-term health effects of these engineered food ingredients are not currently known.

They say, in effect, “Just trust us. We’ve been putting these ingredients into your foods for years, and there are no known problems.” I stop and think about the epidemic of obesity that has been constantly in the news since, oh, about the time GMOs were introduced, and about the dramatic rise — out of nowhere — of wheat allergies and gluten intolerance.

In more than 60 other countries manufacturers must label foods containing GMOs. So when you see the flood of commercials paid for by over $8 million by Monsanto (around $5 million), PepsiCo and General Mills, grocery manufacturers and big farm associations — when you are deluged by the FEAR campaign that your grocery bills will rise out of sight — please realize that these manufacturers are already complying and selling their products overseas.

We are just asking for them to be honest and proud of what they are producing, and be willing to state that by labeling their ingredients so that we as consumers and parents can make informed choices about what we are eating and feeding our kids.

People simply have a right to know. Vote yes on Prop. 105.

Dave Eason


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