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Even the Pope disagrees with her (letter)

Re: Susan Stamper Brown’s June 26th opinion, “Whatever happened to common sense regarding climate change?”

I don’t understand how the opinion of such a climate change denier (CCD) was qualified to be published in the SDN. Moreover, if you look behind her CCD curtain, her sources don’t even support her.

On “God’s creation,” she suggests that climate change alarmists should, “realize the One which created (the world) is powerful enough to maintain it.”

Wait a minute … the Catholic Pope — whose qualifications also include a science degree — has recommended that we should be concerned about man-made climate change.

Brown extrapolates from the era known as the Little Ice Age and suggests that if cold was bad, then warm must be good. For support, she quoted a climate historian — yet his actual context adds, “But, unlike our ancestors who faced these changes 350 years ago, today we possess both the resources and the technology to prepare for them.” And, “In short, we have only two choices: pay to prepare now — or prepare to pay much more later.”

Regarding Greenland glaciers’ melting, the opening sentence of the referenced article on the very CCD-tilted platform, Climate Change Dispatch, says it’s about “selective Greenland Glaciers.” Her SDN column conveniently implies that glaciers and the polar icecaps are doing just fine.

CCD opinions should be clearly labeled “denial.” Such denial may have cataclysmic consequences on the human race and life on Earth. Such denial is promoted by the fossil fuel industries and their huge financial resources and subsidies. It is disingenuous to suggest that thousands of real scientists go to work every day and think, “If I promote climate change, I’ll get funded.”

Neil Groundwater


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