Fanning: We voted and we are to blame for our American crisis |

Fanning: We voted and we are to blame for our American crisis

We have been told for months our country is sinking seriously into debt. We are at the crossroads of a major financial crisis. Our national debt is out of control. It is going to hit the ceiling the first week of September. A crisis is coming!

We have scandals concerning Benghazi, the IRS, NSA, DOJ . The president and his men call them phony. The Republican’s call them serious. The press calls them whatever the president calls them. In any event, politicians are in a crisis mode over them. The president is doing his best, with a complicit media, to minimize them. The Republicans, with Fox News, continue to pursue the scandal aspect.

Sen. Max Baucus(D), author of the bill known as Obamacare now labels it as “heading for a train wreck.” The unions are unhappy. Business is unhappy. The majority of Americans don’t want it. Many exemptions have been given, including, get this, an Executive Order from Obama waiving certain provisions of the law for himself, members of Congress, and their staff. The elite class has struck again, and we the “subjects” must head for the train wreck they put into law. In addition, 24 of our embassies are ordered closed and one evacuated because of terror threats and the president goes on Leno to tell us about it.

So my friends, what do the leaders of our country do for the month of August in the midst of all this? They all go on vacation. One is taking an elaborate vacation with money from the treasury while the debt is rising, and by his own terminology is in crisis. The sad thing, my friends, we keep voting these same deadbeats into office. We just did it in 2012!

We’re to blame!

John Fanning


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