Frisco elected officials should put town first and move benefits money to marketing |

Frisco elected officials should put town first and move benefits money to marketing

Perhaps Frisco Town Councilmembers Rick Amico, Bernie Zurbriggen and Jon Zdechlik and Mayor Dede Dighero-Tuso can help explain a few things to the citizens of Frisco.

In November, you voted to keep council medical benefits at a cost of more than $100,000 per year to the taxpayers.

April elections are coming, so please address these points for the citizens of Frisco so we all know who (and who not) to vote for.

For the past three years, tax revenues have been dwindling in Frisco. As a result, the town council has made cuts in the general fund and postponed improvements budgeted in the capital fund.

The town’s tax revenues are derived one way or another from the resort and tourist industry.

We make our money when second homeowners and tourists visit and spend their money here.

Events and advertising have an enormous impact on convincing these second homeowners and tourists to come back to Frisco more often, especially if they enjoyed an event in previous years.

So why would you even consider cutting off the hand that feeds us? This is a time to spend more money on advertising and events.

You need to stop supporting these outlandish medical benefits that you are trying so hard to preserve and put the town of Frisco’s interest first.

Imagine what might happen if you added $100,000-plus to marketing and events for this wonderful town instead of your own self interests.

Our new council members – Gary Runkle, Deb Helton and Dan Fallon – have refused to indulge in these medical benefits. Thank you to Gary, Deb and Dan.

Please do the citizens of Frisco a favor and join them and do away with the outlandish medical benefits before April elections.

Move this $100,000-plus toward marketing and events. If your self interests will not permit this, then do us a favor and do not run for office April 6 and make room for the citizens who want to serve this community for its betterment.

I wonder if the taxpayers know that you spend almost 20 percent of the town’s operating budget on benefits compared to 5 percent in other local communities.

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