From the Goebbels playbook (letter) |

From the Goebbels playbook (letter)

Morgan Liddick’s scapegoating of undocumented immigrants (specifically those from Mexico — despite his admission not to racialize the debate) is a maneuver out of the playbook of Paul Joseph Goebbels (Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda). With the clever and clinical manipulation of emotions bookending his column and isolated statistics, Liddick masquerades as the guardian of White America’s safety against murderous Mexicans — the Second Amendment and the proliferation of guns notwithstanding. Once again, I suspect he has gleaned unthinkingly the stats from websites like the Center for Immigration Studies ­— sounds innocuous and unbiased; yet, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, CIS has “direct financial connections to several hate groups.”

I encourage the reader to access the following studies by reputable researchers:

1.) “Crime and Immigration: Further Evidence on the Connection” by Butcher and Piehl; April 2005. “. . . we conclude that the evidence is fairly strong that the U.S. is attracting immigrants that are substantially less likely to be criminally active in the U.S. than are the native born.”

2.) “The Effect of Undocumented Immigration and Border Enforcement on Crime Rates Along the U.S.- Mexico Border” by Coronado and Orrenius; December 2005. “. . . there is little empirical evidence that immigrants — legal or undocumented — commit more crime than natives . . .”

3.) “Open Doors Don’t Invite Criminals” by Sampson, professor of sociology at Harvard; March 11, 2006. “. . . our study found that immigrants appear in general to be less violent than people born in America . . .”

4.) “Higher Immigration, Lower Crime” by Griswold; November 24, 2009. “An FBI report in September showed that a nationwide plunge in violent crime dating back to the early 1990’s has continued largely unabated . . . One plausible reason behind this welcome phenomenon, ironic as it may sound, is increased immigration, including low-skilled and illegal immigration.”

Cesar Munoz

Dillon Valley

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