Galvin: Not my kind of conservatism |

Galvin: Not my kind of conservatism

In this election cycle, a “South Park” episode comes to mind. It’s the one that compares a certain kind of sandwich to a particular type of bag. That show was a fair representation of our mostly two-party system.

My focus today is on the Grand Old Party. The conservatives. I am a conservative person, and the GOP conservatism seems flawed. Mostly due to a poor track record of being fiscally or environmentally conservative.

I researched the Koch brothers. The “Brothers Koch” are backing Colorado Republican candidates with their political funding network. Some of the folks who have brought us the GOP utopia of Kansas want to deliver that same kind of dreamland to Colorado.

For reference I am going to refer to the recipients of Koch funding as “Koch-ettes.” Koch-ettes, like Gardner and Beauprez, are a frilly, high-stepping bunch of politicians who want your vote to get elected. One problem, though. These conservative candidates are sadly now the property of Brothers Koch. They are bought and paid for and can answer to only one master, and that is not the voters.

Maybe it’s not so bad. They just want liberty and freedom. Like the liberty to tell women what they can do with their bodies and the freedom to freely pollute, or take away workers’ rights and to restrict voting. I imagine that if we behave they will give us another Reaganomic-style trickle-down. It’s their only plan; they are one-trick ponies. The trickle-down concept has never worked. But Koch-ettes are not quitters; they’ll push it through anyway.

With the addition of the “tea baggers” and the “Rove-ites,” the GOP has become badly blemished and dysfunctional, not a pretty sight.

Maybe I’m wrong; perhaps I shouldn’t believe my lying eyes.

Mike Galvin


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