Gilligan: True women’s rights |

Gilligan: True women’s rights

The header over Connie Aragon’s impassioned letter of July 11, 2013, was titled “Supporting women’s rights.” I, like millions of American women, support authentic “women’s rights” — Connie Aragon and Wendy Davis certainly do not represent us. Not all women consider it a “right” to take the life of their unborn child. Nor do they see Wendy Davis’s Texas filibuster as admirable and inspiring.

Wendy Davis and Connie Aragon do not represent all women. Recent Gallup polls asking straightforward questions on when abortion should be restricted found that only 27 percent of Americans support second-trimester abortions and only 14 percent support third-trimester abortions. The liberal press may have hailed Wendy Davis as a women’s “rights” champion, but a Texas Tribune poll found that 62 percent of Texans supported the restriction on late-term abortions.

About half of the 54 million babies aborted since Roe vs. Wade were baby girls. Pro-death abortion advocates do not consider the women’s rights of the approximately 27 million baby girls who were stripped of their “right” to live and grow into adult women with voices and opinions of their own.

Susan B. Anthony was a true authentic American champion of “women’s rights.” Her leadership not only brought about the women’s vote, but she was also an outspoken opponent of slavery, and the many offenses against women including prostitution, rape, incest and all manner of inequality. I, like many women, am a supporter of “women’s rights.” But I do not consider it a “medical necessity” nor a “woman’s right” to kill unborn babies.

Mary Beth Gilligan

Summit Cove

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