Gray: Let’s stop pulling the race card so quickly (letter) |

Gray: Let’s stop pulling the race card so quickly (letter)

Re: Cesar Munoz’ diatribe on my challenge to Carrie Brown-Wolf’s flinging accusations that racism was behind Trump’s call for a border wall: Seems he can fling it, too. That’s the crux of my argument, Mr. Munoz, calling someone a racist because you disagree on policy is why we are so polarized today. Stop it!

He points out that the current immigration process “takes 10 years for a work VISA.” You don’t like a law — so just ignore it? Where does that logic get us?

His conclusion that Cuban immigration stopped when “darker skinned fellows” came with the Mariel boat lift shows his need to maintain the “racist” theme. My memory is that they were prison inmates; it wasn’t necessarily color.

As for his question, “what do you know of a desperation that killed over 2,000 as they crossed the desert for an opportunity to scrub toilets in the U.S?” Just this — I trained 400 border patrol agents in I.V. and airway access, so that near-dead migrants, left by their coyotes in the south Texas desert, might be kept alive long enough for ambulance transport to a hospital 40 miles away. I was there, I saw that desperation, up close. When were you last in the desert, sir?

Toilets, Mr. Munoz? Please, you’re breaking my heart. I did that to pay for school.

So, Mr. Munoz, I ask you the same question I asked Ms. Brown-Wolf; do you have a better idea? Or, is it just to open the border?

Also, you are correct that racism didn’t end with Obama’s election. It ended in the 1960s! It became illegal, period. Changing people’s hearts is a different matter. Its a work in progress. I, for one, am proud of our progress in that regard. Sadly, you, Ms. Brown-Wolf and President Obama seem to be exceptions.

David Gray


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