Grimm: Has anyone considered the implications of reducing access to marijuana? |

Grimm: Has anyone considered the implications of reducing access to marijuana?

Regarding marijuana on Main, there’s been significant talk in terms of “what’s the harm in waiting”? In “proceeding cautiously”? I then ask, has anyone actually considered what that harm is?

There’s a reason the majority of retail businesses are located in the downtown core. Retail businesses in this town depend on tourist dollars to survive. If you force the dispensaries to all compete outside of that core, I fear that you are going to force them into some more aggressive marketing to draw business to their stores. Without the benefit of location to draw in a tourist, you’re likely to end up with marketing schemes that ultimately put marijuana more in the face of our tourists than if the stores were simply located on Main Street in the first place.

Additionally, by reducing access to legal marijuana, you again create an opening for the black market to thrive. People are tempted by a convenient, cheap purchase. In the “High Profits” trailer, we saw people on Jan. 1, purchasing from an illicit dealer simply to not have to wait in that line. Imagine if they actually had to get in their cars, or ride a shuttle, to find legal marijuana?

Legalization has proven that prohibition doesn’t work. Crime is down, teen use is down, tourism and the economy are up. So I ask… why wouldn’t we want to take advantage of these benefits?

Katherine Grimm


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