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Hertzberg: Challenging the climate change orthodoxy

The August 27 cartoon in the SDN shows a bunch of frogs in a boiling pot saying “hot, hot …” while the only one being listened to by the GOP is saying “I’m not sure.” As a lifelong, liberal Democrat, I don’t think much of the GOP,s pronouncements (especially their recent ones). But, as a scientist, I think even less of the Democrat’s pronouncement on “climate change.” So let’s resolve the issue by looking at the data found in http://www.climate4you.com/Text/Climate4you_July_2013.pdf. It shows a temperature decline of about 0.1 C for the last decade, with prior fluctuations that were quite normal compared to historical trends; seasonal variations in Arctic ice area coverage comparable to what they were decades ago; a constant sea level rate of rise that is the same as it was decades ago. In sum, there is nothing dramatic in the data!

For the informed opinion of some 130 of the world’s most distinguished scientists including the Nobel Laureate in Physics, Ivan Gaever, go to http://www.tinyurl.com/bv8n2tl. They state: “The incidence and severity of extreme weather events has not increased…the hypothesis that our emissions of CO2 have caused or will cause global warming is not supported by the evidence.” Thus, even though the Obama administration has transformed that hypothesis of global warming by human CO2 emission into an instrument of national policy, it is still “not supported by the evidence.” You choose whether to believe the subjective opinions of frogs and politicians, or that of scientists. Who to trust on this issue, Gaever or Obama?

Martin Hertzberg

Copper Mountain

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