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Hill: Dupuy continues with misguided war on religion

Re: “The creationist with an iPhone paradox,” by Tina Dupuy, September 8

Recently I watched the film “Now You See Me.” It was about magic not only as illusion but as distraction—a good metaphor for Tina Dupuy’s recent column. Her distraction: “Americans believe in science…most have faith in medicine…and…we’ve reached virtual consensus about going to the hospital when we’re sick…We believe as a culture that if science, in the form of medical care, can improve and prolong life then we’re required to enable it to do so.”

Her distraction then shifts from medical science to climate change. “It is not a stretch…to accept climate change as a reality for one simple reason: It’s science and we believe in science. [But] there are those who will always err on the side of faith…I call this The Creationist with an iPhone paradox.” In “Now You See Me,” the magicians’ objective went beyond distraction and illusion and was designed to bring retribution to those who had caused the death of a dear friend and fellow magician years before. What is Tina’s objective (motive) for what she writes? Is it retribution concerning those who caused creationism trauma in her youth?

In another column (SDN, April 14, 2013) she states: “I was raised a creationist. I’d come home from school with a brain full of evolution…and my mother saw it her mission to put an end to it…By the time I was old enough to read creationism was quickly dismissed [by me] as nonsense…you don’t teach creationism you deny science…Going to the doctor instead of praying is already putting faith in science.”

Such trauma has caused Tina to become “relig-o-phobic” in her journalism crusading evolution over creation, medicine over faith science over religion; but, like a moth before a flame what she detests consumes her. A god-hater as a result of her mother’s religious extremism she seeks to debunk God and the possibility science, God and creation can be compatible. Such “baggage” contaminates the truth she presents and until it is resolved for her, let the reader beware.

Bud Hill


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