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Hill: Our sexuality does not define we are

Sexuality does not define us

Re: Michael Reagan’s May 4 column, “Out of the Closet and into identity politics”

Reagan writes: “Jason Collin’s being gay and his [willingness] to announce it…is what’s important…Please wake me up when this embarrassing gay-pride parade is over.”

I listen to lots of sport’s commentary. The talk shows the last few weeks were concerned who would be the first gay to “come out.” I feel for Jason Collins. Not for playing with six teams in 12 seasons, but for winning the “coming out lottery.”

The shift from gay community orientation to LGBT activism in the last 30 years has resulted in LGBT ideology making a minority opinion into a majority position. To do so, they have “sold” the myth of sexual-orientation and preference as the determining factor in a person’s identity, when in truth homosexuality is not identity-oriented but behavior-driven (it’s what you do, not who you are).

There are two realities that trump sexual orientation and preference as primary in defining our identity, humanity and race. We are all human and each has our own distinctive race; but, sexual orientation is different. It is based on the choices we make concerning our sexual behavior. Case in point: I was born male. After 35 years of marriage, I found myself divorced. Since then I have chosen to be celibate. Does becoming a divorced celibate male define who I am? No. Who Jason Collins is as a human being of African American descent is not determined on the basis of his being a gay NBA player.

I support every person on this planet concerning their life journey. But to promote the myth of sexual orientation and preference as the determining factor of one’s identity hinders us all in the process of discovering just who we are.

Bud Hill, Breckenridge

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