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Hill: Summit County yankee takes on a redcoat

Re: J.S. Melton’s recent letter, ‘Summit Daily News descends into marijuana madness.’

Melton writers: “I think I speak for a lot of people…each time [I open] up your rag…I don’t wonder at questions I am asked over here in the United Kingdom…none of you care what type of image you are projecting…I read your paper for entertainment, for something mindless that makes no matter.”

Where do you get off with your diatribe? Think you are entitled because you have enough scratch to reside on both sides of the pond?

You don’t speak for a lot of people, you only speak for yourself. What gives you the right to call the best little newspaper in Summit County a rag? Do you know the American press is an extension of our freedom of speech we won in the American Revolution when we kicked King George and all his limey redcoats out. And when they didn’t get the message the first time we did it again in the War of 1812!

When you say none of us care what type of image we project across the globe, let me give you an example of the image the Brits have left in my craw. Being well educated, credentialed and experienced in the area of human nature, I choose rather to draw upon my past experience as a shuttle driver. I’d pick up Brits at DIA. On the way to Summit County I would listen to their verbal affirmations of how good a driver I was. After carrying their luggage and 50 pound ski bags up two flights of stairs they would “stiff” me and justify not tipping me with the excuse they don’t do that in the UK, so why should they do it here. What type of image projection is that?

The issue here isn’t about pot advertisement. It’s about you posing as an American when you aren’t one. We yanks read our paper for information and as an expression of our freedom of speech.

Bud Hill


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