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Hillary Clinton’s secret email a threat to national security (letter)

The issue that is not being discussed regarding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private system during her time as Secretary of State is the issue of the handling of sensitive classified information. There is no way that a Secretary of State could use a private system and be in compliance with established government regulations regarding the handling of classified information. Most of any Secretary’s communications regarding ongoing diplomatic negotiations and a host of other issues would be highly classified. Not only that but the computers in the classified system must be armored to prevent electronic leakage. We are replete with examples of careers of senior personnel in government who have been disgraced and have faced criminal charges for the mishandling of sensitive classified information. At issue here is the extreme lack of judgement that permitted a Secretary of State to ignore the rules for several years. However popular Clinton may be as the likely female candidate for President, her arrogance, secrecy and lack of judgement cannot be dismissed. Further, because the numbers of emails are unknown and Clinton aides have already conducted triage we may never know the full extent of what sensitive classified information may have been at risk. Clinton, like any other government official that totally ignores the rules should face the established criminal charges. What of a presidential race if she is a convicted felon?

Bob Phillipson


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