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Ignorance, a fading idea (letter)

Re: Chuck Abrams opinion “Shame on the Supreme Court”

It never ceases to amaze me how much hate can result from an idea as peaceful as Christianity. How in the lunacy of your mind does giving someone equal rights take away yours? It doesn’t matter whether you accept or uphold the U.S. Supreme Courts ruling to redefine the term marriage. It is now law.

Despite our history of ignorance, it is with great pride that I see our country embracing solid principles such as logical thinking, true respect for one another and, most importantly, empathy. When a logical person considers an idea such as gay marriage, one question comes to mind: Does this affect me at all? No.

Really, think about it: Has the decision to legalize gay marriage really affected you negatively? Do you love your husband or wife any less? Does your marriage mean less to you? If you answered “yes,” I pity you. Unfortunately for you Mr. Abrams, this bold new way of thinking logically is replacing the mythologies of the Bible.

An entire generation is realizing that helping our fellow man is simply the right thing to do. We embrace these ideas out of love for humanity and appreciation of our existence — not fear of Hell or a blindly reassuring promise of Heaven.

Polling shows majority of Americans support gay marriage. The duty of the Supreme Court is to ensure the laws of our country coincide with the temperament and ideas of its citizens. A duty they have fulfilled perfectly, in this case.

In the unlikely event Christianity hit the nail on the head, I can take comfort in the words of a Founding Father rolling in his grave:

“A virtuous heretic shall be saved before a wicked Christian.” — Benjamin Franklin

Travis Poli


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