Iran deal: In the crosshairs of a rogue nation (letter) |

Iran deal: In the crosshairs of a rogue nation (letter)

I’m trying to get my head around what just happened with respect to the agreement Kerry and Obama made with Iran. Perhaps one of our liberal friends can offer some assistance.

The agreement was made; Congress was to be provided 60 days after they received the document containing the agreement to review, ask questions and then vote up or down to approve or disapprove. Obama could overturn a disapproval if the Senate did not have the necessary votes to withstand the veto.

It appears the document arrived at the Security Council of the United Nations before it arrived at Congress. This body voted unanimously to approve the agreement, and we are told by Kerry, Obama and others the deal is basically done. Much is being made that Russia and China agreed, as did the E.U., and they are on the way toward implementation.

Let’s see, Russia will sell weapons to Iran. China will sell technology and receive much needed oil, as will the E.U. All of this with the $100 billion plus, which will be freed up when sanctions are lifted.

Congress, the representative of the people of the United States, has been left out of the deal. Obama sold out the representatives of the people!

Scary, don’t you think?

So, Iran will get a lot of money to finance its activities, which we know involves terrorism. The other nations in the Middle East will begin positioning with the bomb. Iran’s objective is still to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and proclaim death to America.

Question: Besides positioning Kerry for the Nobel Peace Prize and sweetening Obama’s dismal legacy, what do “We the People” get out of this? Please don’t tell me the only alternative is war. This is Obama and Kerry’s scare tactic to sell the deal.

Face it, we have been placed in the crosshairs of a rogue nation who is committed to our destruction.

John Fanning


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