Knoles: Obamacare based on false premises |

Knoles: Obamacare based on false premises

Obamacare based on false premises

Obama and Senate Democrats claim Obamacare is the law of the land and what the majority of Americans want by citing three false premises: (1) the majority support Obamacare because they voted for Obama; (2) Congress voted for it; and (3) the Supreme Court upheld it.

First, Obama was not reelected for promising Obamacare but for promising many other things: amnesty; improved gay and lesbian rights; abortion protection; low cost student loans; support for big Unions, extending unemployment, jobs for minorities and more.

Second, the Obamacare bill that “narrowly” passed both houses of Congress is not the same law Congress voted for. To entice the original vote, Obama promised we could keep our doctors and insurance costs would greatly decrease. But the original 1,200 page bill has increased to about 3,000 pages because Obama, without the permission of congress, used executive orders to unilaterally change the law at least 19 times since passage. The law now excludes congress, labor unions and big business from compliance. It no longer applies to all. Obamacare would never pass both houses in its current form.

Third, Obama promised Congress and America that Obamacare would not be implemented by taxation. But the only way the US Supreme Court was able to uphold the original version of the bill was as a tax. But, when the court reviewed it, the law still applied to all because Obama had not “yet” excluded his pet groups by executive orders. Thus, it is doubtful the court would uphold it now in its current version.

I believe few ever supported Obamacare, especially in its current form, and those who “do” or “did” were tricked by liberal Democrats whose end game is socialized medicine. Obama admits he wants this as his legacy and is willing to do anything to get it. Sadly, what most Americans (minus big labor unions, big business and Congress) will get come January 1, 2014, is much higher premiums, an HMO instead of their PPO and worse to follow in the coming years. Socialized medicine is on its way and fast. So if your end game is more socialism, a continued poor economy, rising debt and increasing “handouts” for Americans who have figured out it is easier to stay home and collect welfare than work, then keep voting Democrat because you will get it.

Christina Knoles


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