Knoles: Obamacare is no free lunch for Summit County and other “rich” high country neighbors |

Knoles: Obamacare is no free lunch for Summit County and other “rich” high country neighbors

Congratulations to all Coloradans who voted for and support Santa Claus and his elves: Barak Obama, Michael Bennett and Mark Udall. Premiums for health care in Colorado will greatly increase beginning Oct. 1 thanks to the 1,200 page Affordable Health Care Act that none in Congress bothered to read before they rammed it down the throats of hard working people from Summit County and around the country. All those who work hard to scratch out a living in Summit County will be pleased to know that those living here will be lumped together into a “rich county,” which includes Eagle, Pitkin and Garfield Counties.

Under President Obama’s “fairness” doctrine, Summit County residents will see their health care premiums increase significantly, while their neighbors in other counties will see lower premiums. President Obama and the Democrats in Congress also exempted themselves from this horrible form of health “reform” along with many large companies who will NOT have to comply with providing the health care you all were promised to get your vote. The “lower” insurance premiums you were promised are a fiction. You have been duped!

All those “freebies” you thought were coming your way if you voted for Obama and the Colorado Democrats will either never materialize, unless you want to join the 30 million Americans now on the Food Stamp Program or the other 14% in the unemployment line. Instead, you got worthless gun control legislation, higher insurance premiums and kids who cannot find a job after they graduate from college. Coloradans will be pleased to know their kids can keep living at home and stay on their parent’s health care until they are 26, assuming their parents can afford the new premium increases.

For all those still in denial, all I can do is quote the chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, John Roberts, who said: “Even the Supreme Court of the United States cannot protect the voters from the people they elect.” For all Obama supporters: “keep drinking that Kool-Aid,” and purchase, while you can still afford it, some comfortable portable chairs for all the soup lines that are coming. The stupidity of voting for Obama, Bennett and Udall is only surpassed by the stupidity of continuing to believe in this inexperienced and faulty leadership.

Christina Knoles


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