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Letter to the editor: A council seat is not a stepping stone to push personal agendas

Dylan P. O'Connell
Fort Collins and Breckenridge

Unfortunately, the current narrative in the Breckenridge Town Council election appears to be: Run for and utilize a council seat as a stepping stone to push private and personal agendas.

Personal agendas and priorities don’t take precedence over a town and its constituents. The priorities and collective agenda of the town and its constituents take precedence.

Elected officials are bestowed the responsibility of public and civil servants — to serve the needs of their community, not select stakeholders who admit they are looking to offset the carrying costs of a vacation home mortgage. These officials are stewards of the community and focused upon the current needs of their constituents’ community as a whole. Based upon real world metrics and data, one of those needs for our community is affordable housing.

The regulation of the short-term rental industry is what our mayor described to me as a “tool in the toolbox.” It won’t solve the issue entirely, but it will help, utilized among other tools in the toolbox. The town of Breckenridge has highlighted in numerous ways that the way to solve a crisis is a multipronged, multifaceted, calculated approach, including:

  • Government spending and smart construction
  • Buy Downs, buy backs, short-term rental caps (duh)
  • Private venture (Thanks, Mr. Dudick)

To only preach the plight of short-term rental stakeholders is missing the larger picture in its entirety.

Furthermore, it’s self-evident that a previously unknown disruptor industry (short-term rentals) may be subject to newfound regulation at some point in time. It’s what happens in the business world, y’all.

The rental industry was the Wild West in Breckenridge, running rampant, until a couple of years ago. Is that solely a good thing? It’s puzzling that those heavily invested in this industry didn’t see, or continue to refuse to see, the writing on the wall.

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