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Letter to the editor: A few points to consider when pondering climate change

Ralph Ragsdale

Some pesky points to ponder:

  • Coastal cities gain land mass when floating ice formations melt.
  • Regular monitoring of the atmosphere detected increasing temperatures before increases in carbon dioxide were detected.
  • Thirty minutes of a volcano eruption can emit as much carbon dioxide as 30 years of global burning of fossil fuels. On average, there have been three volcano eruptions per year of sufficient severity to kill people. A volcano in Hawaii erupted for months recently. Mount Etna in Italy is currently active, as well.
  • Coastal cities flooding is usually caused by subsidence.
  • This planet has always been moving toward or away from an ice age, meaning temperatures are always either rising or falling.
  • Predictions of an oncoming ice age have been made in 1926, 1958, 2015 and 2017. One prediction, however, was that an ice age will not occur until 1,500 years from now.
  • Elimination of carbon dioxide emissions from Texas power plants over a 15-year program will be offset by 13 1/2 days of China’s normal emissions of carbon dioxide.
  • Fact-checkers quickly found more severe tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, winter storms and fires in almost all of the previous 10 decades than during the past decade. The exception is the current low level of Lake Mead and other western lakes.
  • The Pope has it on good authority that climate change is real and will result in a disaster if the use of fossil fuels is not stopped.

So, is replacing the world’s energy source an easy decision to make?

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