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Letter to the editor: A few thoughts for the woke warriors

Allen Bacher

There has always been slavery in the world and always will be; it is the nature of humans as a part of the hierarchy of dominance. Ethnic origin is a happenstance, not a determining factor. A census in 1860 counted 2 million slaves in the U.S. at the beginning of the Civil War. Estimates were 90% of the slave trade from Africa in the colonial period was to the Caribbean and Latin America.

Advocates estimate that there are over 40 million slaves worldwide today. Russia, China, the Islamic theocracies of the Middle East, and the interior of Africa and Latin/Central America all have slavery.

The U.S. met the issue of slavery head-on in the 1860s and continued to progress with further constitutional amendments and laws well over the past 150 years.

All of us are either descendants of or immigrants ourselves. Even those referred to as Indigenous are descendants of the Siberian land bridge migration. There is no evidence that human beings sprung forth from the earth in the Western Hemisphere.

Quit the hyperventilation on the past and focus on the “what if” of the future.

What if the rest of the countries did their fair share to reduce slavery of the millions of captive populations in China, Russia and Islamic theocracies, etc.? When you shop, know that a portion of China’s production of solar panels is by slave, child or ethnic labor or otherwise — not to mention other products we buy.

Quit being held mentally captive by the indoctrinated rabble in our streets. The United States is the best place on Earth for opportunity and hope. Otherwise, why would millions risk life, limb and death getting here?

Ask yourselves why Sen. Bernie Sanders, after visiting “workers paradises,” came back to the U.S. to be an oxymoronic socialist millionaire?

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