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Letter to the editor: America’s failed response to COVID-19 was a forgone conclusion

Phil Huff

As Ted Woodson of Breckenridge points out in his Jan. 16 letter, statistics from the most populous red and blue states do not show that red states did better than blue states during the pandemic’s time of masking. Since many in red states did mask and quite a few in blue states did not mask, we really don’t have good data on how much masking helped. What we have is excellent data on how the U.S. population did in response to the virus compared to other industrialized and modern nations.

The U.S. ranked the lowest of any nation in its ability to keep people alive and out of the hospital. The only time we moved off the bottom was when President Joe Biden put more jabs into arms than any other country for a similar period. Of the nations that did a better job than the U.S., all of them were stricter about masking and lockdowns than the U.S., except Sweden, which will not repeat that mistake again.

The bottom line on this report is that America is much less healthy than all other nations and that comorbidity made all other metrics moot. Right-wing conservatives, libertarians for example, consistently oppose universal health care. The study concludes that an unhealthy population, which would not seriously mask or lock down, made our position on the bottom of this scale a forgone conclusion.

Rachel Steinmetz, you and your opposition to practices of more successful nations are the problem and not the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or blue states.

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