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Letter to the editor: Are we ready for the Frisco petition to become law?

Julia Koster

Petitions like the one circulating in Frisco are often perceived as something simple, but in reality, these petitions become law if approved by the majority of voters.

Are we ready for that?

We don’t have a direct democracy in this country for good reason. It is not up to individual citizens to write laws; we have duly-elected officials chosen by the people to enact law. Here, we have one guy who has decided he knows better than the lawmakers. He wrote what could become a law in one paragraph.

As currently written, the Frisco petition has loopholes big enough to drive a semi through.

Normally, laws are multiple pages with much definition and clarity. This “law” has vague descriptions as to single-family residences, full-time residence and so on.

Loopholes like these open the opportunity for lawsuits as folks try to protect their equal protection under the law as provided by the 14th amendment, which more or less states that you have to treat everyone equally within the jurisdiction. In this case: homeowners. We would have some homeowners in Frisco being treated differently than others.

This is not how we enact law in this country. This petition, if it becomes law, will almost certainly be litigated. Single-family homeowners could, and should, fight this because it infringes on their property rights.

Think very carefully before you sign Hayes Walsh’s petition to restrict your property rights in Frisco.


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