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Letter to the editor: Are we so brainwashed that we recommend sterilization?

Maarten Meinders

Even though I do not share Dr. Craig “Doc PJ” Perrinjaquet’s sentiments about recommending condoms to the unvaccinated, I was impressed with his detailed apology in the Summit Daily. His offense was clearly a joke, which people on the left would get a chuckle out of. As far as I am concerned, the apology is accepted.

What bothers me more was a recent response that suggested sterilization of the unvaxxed is not enough. To her credit, she didn’t spell out what more severe punishments would look like since these ideas supposedly were confined to private conversations among her co-workers, as it should be.

We all say things in private that we should not say in public, and that is exactly the point: The parade emcee said it publicly, and that is not appropriate.

Some suggested it hurt people. I wasn’t hurt in any way; it just offended me. It sounds like a threat and makes people’s thoughts go where they shouldn’t go. What else can be recommended for the unvaxxed? Public castration? No more medical care for life? Forced exposure to anthrax to see what it feels like? Why wait until they attempt to procreate? Let’s just take care of them right now.

Folks, we have to stop joking around about this stuff. I am exaggerating to make a point: Would anyone have entertained these kinds of thoughts about their fellow Americans two years ago? Until recently, the only people ever considered for sterilization were pedophiles and ax murderers. Have we been brainwashed so far as to recommend our neighbors for this kind of treatment because they object to being forced to take experimental medication?

Remember, you become what you think. It is a good thing we cannot read one other’s minds. Let’s keep it that way.

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