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Letter to the editor: Be careful about going down an advocacy rabbit hole

Allen Bacher

Prager University has a video relative to a concept, Unobtanium, from the movie “Avatar” that raises some questions about all electric from an economic and strategic as well as a deeper environmental perspective.

The front-end mining, processing and disposal issues are not fully recognized by the eco-zealots beating the bleeding edge march toward their end by any means.

I take the position that one size does not fit all. The further development of hydrogen presents a great opportunity to spread the technological risk. In the short term, a switch to natural gas, and later hydrogen, would solve many of the issues that some have with current fuel use.

The U.S. has already outdistanced the main contributors to the climate issue — China, Russia, India — relative to positive emission reductions.

Petroleum will not go away for decades, maybe even centuries. The technology does not exist to replace all its uses by the mythical 2030 target, much less 2050 and beyond.

The inherent problem with all electric is that the world does not currently produce enough power generation to handle an American-only 100% electric fleet.

In fact, the electric grid is vulnerable to nefarious attack, and it is estimated that over 50% of all electric generation goes to waste due to energy loss from the process of generation, transmission, end use, etc.

A bad-actor attack that results in an electromagnetic surge event would render all the chips useless. Some may think that the loss of cellphone, internet, GPS, gaming, etc., would lead to a better society, but there would be no transportation conveyance either.

Not using rare earth metals does have a positive environmental impact but is impossible to achieve. That ship sailed in the ’60s with the electronic revolution.

Maybe the Amish are the real friends of the earth?

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