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Letter to the editor: Be generous in your giving, but don’t rely on GoFundMe

Maarten Meinders

The recent story about Victoria Oliveras being diagnosed with aplastic anemia was truly heartbreaking and my immediate response was: “I need to donate to their cause.” Let me be clear: I do not want to politicize her plight, but my enthusiasm was somewhat tempered by finding out her friends were using GoFundMe to distribute the money. Before I go any further, I would like to know any other way to donate to the cause. If so, please publish it in the paper. I would be glad to write a check and put my money where my mouth is.

My hesitation about GoFundMe is that I can no longer trust it to use my money the way I designate it. Its handling of the Freedom Convoy in Canada was shameful and totally political. It essentially confiscated about $9 million under the guise that the convoy had become an occupation. It was about to distribute the money to other causes until the outcry became deafening, and now it promises a refund. Who wants a refund? Just send the money where people specify.

The reason I feel the Freedom Convoy fiasco is political is because GoFundMe specifically promoted an appeal for the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest occupation in Seattle, which lasted weeks on end and people died there. I guess it gets to decide which cause is worthy.

As far as I am concerned, GoFundMe’s reputation is shot, and I hope people will turn to other alternatives. There now is an alternative site called GiveSendGo. Check it out for future campaigns. I resent the recent trend that others get to decide what is worthy or disinformation to protect my delicate feelings. Really, I can handle it. I use my brain and spirit to sort out the truth. That is called freedom.

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