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Letter to the editor: Beware the vaccinated-only yoga classes and take your business elsewhere

Julia Biddle

If you’re still living in fear of a virus with a 99.7% survival rate, the vaccinated-only yoga class may seem like a good idea. Sure, unvaccinated people are touching the props in the classes sandwiching the vaccinated-only classes, but you can sanitize your hands every chance you get to make yourself feel better. And the air has not been purified between classes, but you can wear a useless mask if that increases your false sense of safety while you inhale your own hot breath full of toxins that your body was trying to expel.

These classes are offering nothing more than a chance for vaccinated people to feel superior to the unvaccinated while they participate in a practice that is supposed to teach tolerance and oneness. The studios that are choosing this path are using it to virtue signal their beliefs that masks and vaccines make you a better and more responsible member of society. But the truth is they are regressing to a time when discrimination was acceptable and even lawful.

The industry that preaches equality and acceptance for other’s life choices has turned its back on anyone who chooses not to put this one substance into their bodies, claiming they are trying to keep their students safe. They are not taking into account natural immunity. They are not considering the people who have very real medical exemptions but want to maintain their health through yoga. And they are not practicing their own teachings of ahimsa (do no harm).

If you are spending your money at a studio that supports discrimination and pushes the narrative of fear, I encourage you to go elsewhere. There are other studios that are not isolating entire groups of people and using their platform to spread hate.

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