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Letter to the editor: Biden failed to deliver in the past administration

Carole L. Welte


Susan Knopf’s column on the importance of addressing the U.S. need for improving infrastructure left me wondering about where she has spent the past 10 years. The only two possibilities that seem plausible: in treatment for convenient amnesia or being locked in a broom closet. I’m wondering if she has any recall of the Obama-Biden “shovel ready” infrastructure jobs that never came to fruition as promised. All of those millions going to “green initiative” projects that all failed, produced no improvements and only made their favorite corporate cronies rich. Who can forget seeing Barack Obama and Joe Biden laugh while stating that those jobs promised weren’t so “shovel ready” after all! Perhaps Mitch McConnell has good reason to doubt political rhetoric about promises.

Regarding the favorite targets of the left, the Koch brothers, you might want to spend some time researching other big players who wish to influence any infrastructure projects. Look at Tom Steyer, Warren Buffett and other high rollers on the left. Throw in George Soros, Amazon and other corporation leaders who have invested their fortunes in “betting on the come.” Dragging out the Koch brothers as the leaders of the evil kingdom is an old and tired conversation that no one is listening to anymore.

The point for improved infrastructure is a necessary and valid goal. That Donald Trump will not get four more years to pursue and persuade Congress of the need is sad. That Biden has failed to deliver in the past administration cannot offer much confidence to the citizens of America that he will succeed in the future.



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