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Letter to the editor: Both sides are the problem; both sides are the solution

Aaron Grasley

Both sides of the political aisle are responsible for creating a culture that does not promote respectfully working together. Name-calling and shaming are not communication methods that promote unity and respect. We have seen this from both sides in the past, and it has proven unproductive.

For real change to occur, people need to feel respected and come to new solutions in their own way. When forced to change by name-calling and shaming, most people fight back against the force with even more vigor or change in the short term but fall prey to their old beliefs over time. If we want lasting change, respect for the difference of others is the baseline we all must start at.

The Summit School District equity policy using the terms “institutionalized racism” and “systemic oppression” sends the message to the majority population that they are being name-called a racist and should feel shame as historically their intent has been to be racist. Could it be these policies and systems are being made by unintentional habit and not evil intent, which is the impression given when the word racism is used?

Good people on both sides could agree that we all, no matter the color or perspective, have good and bad habits. If we acknowledge the good habits that have been developed at the district and point to the bad habits of the past without name-calling or shaming, I contend people will listen with an open heart and mind. This respect allows people to consider policy solutions they have not considered before. This respectful way to dialog can bring people together to create change. Instead of using words and thoughts that divide us, can we find words, thoughts and solutions that unite us? If we do, there is a real chance for lasting change.


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