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Letter to the editor: Brazen theft should not become normalized

Maarten Meinders

In a recent national news article, Nicole Hannah-Jones revealed her ultra-liberal agenda as she criticized Al Sharpton for complaining that he had to get assistance to purchase toothpaste because it was locked up against store theft. Sharpton insinuated that this was a direct result of the policy that store theft was no longer being prosecuted. (Say it ain’t so!) Criminals don’t even have to run anymore; they can just walk out.

To back up his frustration, Sharpton posted a video of a man casually walking out of a Trader Joe in New York City with 10 stolen steaks. He was hooded and well-masked, for his own and other’s safety. Anyway, apparently that video was supposed to have been contained behind the media’s dam of censored information, but Sharpton, like the Little Dutch Boy, took his finger out of the dam and behold, it leaked.

Enter Hanna-Jones, and I quote: “This drumbeat for continued mass incarceration is really horrific to watch. A person stealing steak is not national news, and there have always been thefts from stores. This is how you legitimize the carceral state.” Carceral state? OK, I guess a new word to go viral soon.

My takeaway is:

  • Hanna-Jones lives on another planet.
  • Hanna-Jones wants Blacks to restitute themselves by stealing from, I guess, privileged people and this is their God-given right.
  • No more incarceration of non-whites because it interferes with their self-restitution entitlement.
  • She wants to normalize this behavior in the media by calling it just “petty crime.” Nothing to see here!

Hanna-Jones: The issue is not the steaks. It is the brazenness of the thief and the idiotic thinking that criminality does not need to be nipped in the bud. Rudy Giuliani must be turning over in his — bed.

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