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Letter to the editor: Breck must explain why outdoor energy mitigation is needed

Cornelius J. Milmoe

The town of Breckenridge plans to implement an absurd, wasteful and useless Renewable Energy Mitigation Program. It will force homeowners to offset presumedly harmful carbon emissions from widely used and often necessary residential energy systems.

Unelected bureaucrats and planners deem snowmelt systems, natural gas fireplaces, heated pools, hot tubs and other “excessive” energy uses harmful in some unspecified, unquantified way.

The program would:

  • Raise homeowner costs for energy uses deemed excessive
  • Require homeowners to pay for unnecessary and expensive renewable energy systems
  • Impose a fine on homeowners deemed guilty of excessive energy use

The bureaucrats want to “make sure everyone understands the program and is on board,” but they have given the public no wording of an ordinance or detailed description of the program except a seven-minute video, which has been viewed only 159 times.

Breckenridge Town Council should suspend program implementation efforts until the bureaucrats and special interests come forward with a complete, quantified statement of the benefits of the program and its social, economic and environmental costs and impacts, addressing these questions:

  • What are the program benefits? By how much will it reduce global warming? Are there any other benefits from the program?
  • Who decides what excessive energy use is? Breckenridge is a high-end resort town, and we have a lot of cold and snow. Snowmelt systems, heated pools, hot tubs, outdoor heaters and fire pits are a part of living here.
  • Should we impose high costs on homeowners and businesses unless there is a public benefit?

Contact the Town Council by Jan. 15 to demand it make a strong case that the outdoor energy mitigation program is needed before it puts the huge program cost burdens on homeowners without a tangible public benefit and significant benefits for the renewables industry.

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