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Letter to the editor: Breckenridge Town Council candidates’ views on rentals and housing

Cornelius Milmoe

The Summit Daily article on Breckenridge council candidates was useful. The forum questions focused on important issues, especially workforce housing and overcrowding.

Positions differed not on who is “liberal” or “conservative” but who supports the current council’s status quo, and who wants change and new problem-solving approaches.

Four candidates agreed with the council on short-term rental restrictions:

  • Carol Saade
  • Todd Rankin
  • Michael Zobbe
  • Jay Beckerman

Incumbent member Saade “fully supports” the council’s short-term rental restrictions, saying they were “the right way to go.” Candidate Rankin said the restrictions were “well thought out” and that they would “provide support to workers.”

Five candidates favored change and oppose rental restrictions:

  • Ally Doolin
  • Tom Day
  • Lenny Weisberg
  • Nathan Moorfield
  • Jason Libby

They described the short-term rental restrictions as a “disaster,” “unjust,” “wrong,” “discriminatory” and a deprivation of owners’ rights.

Doolin said the restrictions were “unlikely to solve” the workforce housing problem. She and Day recognized that it is a labor market problem, not a housing market problem. Employers should shoulder most of the responsibly for paying people adequately so they can afford to work here.

The other candidates all advocated for more taxpayer-funded housing programs. Saade, the incumbent, said the town’s role in the housing industry should be “huge.” Others favored “continuing current programs” or new schemes to purchase land outside Breckenridge or build “complexes.”

Voters unhappy with the current scarcity of workforce housing, and the crowding of streets, should not vote for Saade or the other candidates who will continue the short-term rental restrictions approach with little proof it will cure these problems.

Doolin and Day are the candidates for change and a limited government role in housing. Voters unhappy with the current Breckenridge housing and overcrowding problems should vote for them.

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